Friday, October 23, 2009

Peyote, Kevlar, and Cool Slide Shows

Good day fellow bloggers and blog readers,

I love all of this creative social networking and cool widgets. What did we all do before we became so creative or had cellphones?

Speaking of creative, I am steadily beading Christmas gifts for family and friends. I will be adding some of the gifts I have made to my gallery at my Artfire store if I have time. Time, that wonderful fun-packed space that goes way too quickly when you are having fun. Hmm let me see, so far I have made a miniature amulet bag/necklace, a beaded bookmark in red with green and gold Christmas trees, two Dutch spiral bracelets, 3 eyeglass holders, 3 keyrings, and a beaded credit card holder.

I have finally gotten Peyote stitch down. YAY! For some reason I was making this stitch way more difficult in my head than it actually is. I feel like I have jumped the wall and found a treasure trove of things to make on the other side. I think Peyote will probably replace square stitch as my favorite stitch pretty soon, although there is room for both!

Cool Web Site

I found a cool web site yesterday where you can make your own snazzy picture slide shows. It is really easy to set up and has lots of different styles and effects. Scroll down this page and eventually you will come across the one I made. This shows a very small selection of items for sale at my Artfire Store. To make your own slide show visit
and sign up for your free account.

Beading Tips

Need a strong thread for beading? Need it in black? Try Kevlar thread. It doesn't stretch, it won't break (you have to cut it with wire nippers)and it will thread through a beading needle. I use it all the time! Keep an eye out for it online. It is available in black, brown, or yellow.

Now for a special appeal.

Please don't forget those less fortunate than ourselves. This is going to be a really long, hard winter for some. Please contribute to the food banks even if it's just one can of soup. That one can of soup would mean the world to someone who is cold and hungry. Please don't forget the animals too. Lets make this a year of goodwill and peace to all.

Have a great day!

aka Lesley

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