Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, Thread Killers, and Veggies

Hi there all,
     In these times of economic depression, I know we all need to do what we can to save, recycle, and re-use, but sometimes we don't think of all the simple things we can do to help ourselves. This evening I was peeling and chopping vegetables for tomorrows dinner when I looked at my pile of peelings and carrot tops and thought "what a waste." So I decided to do something that I don't normally do, but will be doing in future. I washed the tops and peelings really well and then put them into a freezer bag and into the freezer. I figured if I did this each time, I would soon have enough to make vegetable stock. Anything I can't save will go to the compost bin. I am obviously not the first one to think of this, but I thought I would share it with you, so maybe someone else might think it a good idea.

     Speaking of ideas. I found myself getting paranoid recently thinking I was a thread killer in our crafting forum. It seemed like every time I posted in a thread, nobody posted after me. I changed soap and perfume to no avail and so feeling sorry for myself (just kidding gang) I opened a new thread entitled "I'm always last, sniff."
     In an effort to persuade at least one person to post after me, I said I would mention the first six posters in my Thanksgiving blog. Hmm. The gang, as I now refer to them, rampaged through the thread, posting some of the funniest pictures and posts I have seen or read. I decided they were all so funny they should all be mentioned.
     So, here are links to their stores on Artfire. Please go visit. They are wonderfully talented artisans and I am sure you will find lots to buy there! (No, I am not receiving a cut of any sales. LOL)

LicaLee - Handmade Recycled Jewelry and Art

A Me Design - Handmade Purses, Cards, Ornaments, and More.

ButtonWilloe - Babies, Baubles, and Blessings.

SpiritDance - The Studio of Little Altars for Anywhere

Mv - One-of-a-kind Jewelry Made with Love and Fun.

KICKINSKREATIONS! Cool Candles Galore, at Kickin's Store.

Timely Impressions - Tick Tock Clocks. Never be late again!

Uga Buga Bowls - Mugs, Bowls, Goblets, Cups, Incense Burners!

TheDiogenesClub - Wait and See!

Hill Country Collection - Lace, Bibs, Magnets, Ornaments, Jewelry

deStashNotTrash - Beads, Pendants, Findings, and More!

Bead All About It - Gemstones, Beads, and Jewelry Galore.

Designs by Patricia Hall - Natural Stone,Lampwork Glass and Shell Beaded Items.

SotocapMania - Bottle Cap Art, Steampunk, Unique, and Whimsical

Kibbles - Primitives, Quilts, Pillows, Papercrafts and 1/12 Dollhouse Miniatures

Flame Fly Creations - Custom Design Pendants and Leather Goods.

Creative Critters - Polymer Clay Scultures. Can you say wow?

Scarlet-Impressions - Handmade Jewelry Crafted in the UK

Retro Renegade Vintage - Authentic Vintage Clothing for Women and Men.

Creativity Awakened - Beautiful Hand Painted Glass Items.

Alisuns - Custom Crafted Jewelry

MeMeBev Creations - Quality Handmade Stuffed Animals, Handbag Totes.

Catfluff - Custom covers, Recycled Sweater Wine Bags and More.

Suzanne Stevens Creates - One-of-a-kind Jewelry and Accessories.

Yours Truli - Vintage Jewelry Creations.


Take care all!
aka Lesley

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  1. Thanks Rhiannon for sharing.Wish you a joyful Thanksgiving day .

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  2. Ha! That was a very good try, but you didn't kill the thread LOL I'm going to ignore that line right now and be THE ONE threadkiller!

    Thanks for starting the fun! I'm having a blast LOL

    Happy Thanksgiving! (and what an awesome tip about the freezer bag! I wish I had read that earlier today! Think I can still salvage them?)