Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stumbling Around the Web

Hey there, no, I'm not drunk. LOL All will be revealed below. Well, not everything. (Wink.)

I want to give a shout out to a very kind lady on Artfire who has been promoting not only her own store, but many many other Artfire shops, Blogs, and Artisans. Her name is Andrea and I have noticed her tireless efforts on our behalf. Twitter, VoteHandmade, her Blog, have all been buzzing with her tweets and RTs. So, WTG Andrea, you rock! Here is a link to her Artfire store AndreaDesigns and her Blog. Please everyone, go visit. Andrea makes the most awesome shawls and scarves. :))

Yesterday I stumbled upon (pardon the pun)a web site by the same name. I joined the site, chose my favorite categories, and before long I was stumbling upon web sites that matched my choices. However, I WARN YOU, after a few web sites I found myself addicted! Some of the humor sites that came up were hilarious. You can add your site or blog, or any other web site you like, once you have signed up. If you have a moment, I'd love it if you clicked on my StumbleUpon button at the foot of this post and gave my blog a thumbs up. StumbleUpon also lets you share your favorite sites via email, Twitter, and Facebook. Have fun stumbling around the Web, it's free, easy and fun!

Beading Tip
AAAAAAAAaarrrrgh! Okay, so you just tripped over the cat and dropped your beading tray on the floor. Seed beads have exploded everywhere like rice at a wedding. You have no bead vac and you have arthritic knees so can't kneel down on the floor. How do you pick up all your beads? Grab yourself a long stick, or one of those grabber doodads and wrap duct tape around the end, sticky side out. Voila, now you can pick up all your beads with no bending down or getting on the floor. The beads easily stick to the tape. Once the tape is full, carefully remove it from your stick and brush your beads onto a non-slippery surface. Repeat until you have rescued all your beads. Clean them up and away you go again.

Take care all!
aka Lesley

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