Monday, June 7, 2010

The Promotional Pixie Strikes Again!

Howdy folks,

     Hope you are all enjoying sunny weather and blue skies. Here in Livingston, Montana, Spring has finally sprung. Yes, it is late, but we had snow in June last year, so maybe it's actually early (for us) this year.
     I have finally finished beading my antler peace pipe and am now halfway through a beaded watchband. What are you working on? Leave me a comment below...I am interested to know.

     Has anyone tried that Bark-OffTM thingy for dogs that has been advertised on TV? I ordered 2 (which turned into 4, but that's another story) and it seemed as if it was working at first. Now a few days later, Loki is back to his barking fits again. Please let me know if you have used one with any success or have found something else that really worked for you. Please leave me a comment below. Loki (Jack Russell) is fine until he sees another dog, cat, cow, horse, deer, you get the picture!

Featured Artisan is...PromoPixie !

     Okay, so you have opened a new store on Artfire/Etsy/Zibbet for example, but you don't have an Avatar or a banner for your store. Maybe you need a T shirt for a show, or business cards, brochures, or a magnetic sign for you car door. You don't have time to design things yourself, or you just don't have a clue where to start. Don't despair! Call the PromoPixie.

     Although PromoPixie is a married Mom with a teenage daughter and a miniature Bengal Tiger in training, I see her differently. I see a cute pixie with an acorn hat, green striped leggings, forest green tunic and curled-up toe boots. She's fast, she's good at what she does, and is just waiting for you to order some pixie magic.

     PromoPixie truly believes that the presentation of both your shop and your products can account for a great percentage of your success and has many different promotional packages to choose from. PromoPixie  also promises a  high level of customer service,  a liberal sprinkling of pixie dust for good luck, and you will be involved in every aspect  of your items design and creation.

     For more details of packages and prices, visit PromoPixie at her Artfire store. Tell her Rhiannon sent you.

Well that's all for this time. I hope you all have a wonderful day and lots of fun doing whatever you do.

Let's be crafty out there!
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  1. Loki, Loki! Yes, I have used those worthless barking devices. They just DON'T work.
    try a citronella bark collar ;) This is one of the reasons we moved---so the dogs could bark :)

  2. Thank you so much for the great write-up!
    Just mention "RhiannonsCorner" w/your first purchase of any printed promotional product and rcv a FREE GIFT!!

  3. Hi,

    About Loki's barking. Well, in the first place, you always need to be careful of what you name your dog. Norse Mythology trickster? Hmmm.

    All kinds of bark collars out there. You might try the citronella version. Dog barks, gets a mist of citronella, doesn't like it and stops. In theory. Truth is, not all dogs respond to the same correction and if they are engaging in hysterical barking (mindless) it's tough to get through.
    That's the one I'd try, though.

    Marianne Hopkins

  4. I was just sprinkled with pixie dust myself. Promo just made me some fantastic business cards and canvas banner to match. She can work wonders and she is as fast as a little pixe.