Sunday, March 22, 2009

Introduction to Rhiannon's Corner

Hi, my name is Lesley. It would have been Rhiannon if I had had my way being half Welsh and all, but it wasn't to be. Instead, I chose it as one of my pen names.

I haven't yet decided what Rhiannon's Corner is going to be about, so hang in with me as I develop some kind of eclectic page with hopefully something of interest to everyone.

You could say I'm a Jill of quite a few trades, definitely mistress of none. I am mostly self-taught, a "pick it up as you go along" type of gal and over the years have dabbled in a few odd choices of job type. The majority of work years were spent crunching numbers until I couldn't stand it anymore. So after 17 years I decided to study animal behavior, mainly dogs and cats,and after much learning and training set up as an Animal Behavior Counselor working with a local Veterinary Surgeon. This was one of the most rewarding jobs I ever did. I did my best to create happy dog and cat homes and to keep re-homed dogs in their new homes and for the most part it worked out okay. In many cases there was nothing wrong with the dog or cat, just an owner/s expecting them to behave like humans. Maybe I'll share some of my experiences with you when I have time.

I have been a silver service waitress, a barmaid, a turnstile operator at Oxford United Football Club, a shop assistant, a gas pump operator, cleaning lady, and recycling yard operator. Currently I work in my husband's Trading Post. So add silver jewelry cleaner/salesperson to the list.

I like to sing, that would be my Welsh half. I love the computer, Internet. I am a published poet and writer. My first love right now is beading. It's my therapy. I can float away in my mind to faraway places while I create. My favorite beading stitch is Brick stick and I never use a loom. Not because I don't like the loom, I don't have the patience to string the thing!

Well that's enough to get started with, join me next time for something different.

aka Lesley

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