Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hey, Hey, Hey

Hey, hey, hey,

Here we are already at the end of August. Doesn't time fly when you are having fun!? We have been busy in our Trading Post in Livingston, Montana, although tourist season has had its up and down days for sure. Hopefully the economy will start to turn around soon.

Livingston and Paradise Valley were recently featured on Anthony Bourdain's program on the Travel Channel. It was cool to see our beautiful mountains and river valleys showcased. Montana is truly the "Last Best Place" and I feel very privileged to live here. The winds may scream across the Wine Glass often during the long winter months and it may snow every day during the same period, but I would not want to be anywhere else.

So what has everyone been up to? I have been busy with customers. Our wholesale silver to the public remains as popular as ever. I will be adding some silver and a lot more items to our Indian Nations website this fall. If you would like to know when that is completed and when this blog and our other websites are updated, send your email address to nanations@gmail.com with the message Add Me and I will send you an invite.

My beading has not been as prolific in the past 3 months as I can only bead in between customers and in the evenings. I am currently trying to master tubular Peyote stitch. It takes discipline, patience, and concentration to do Peyote stitch, none of which I possess. LOL I will never be a Jack of all beading stitches, but I could be a Jill of some.

I'm running a little behind this week as my laptop screen started to flicker faster than a dragonfly's wings. It isn't a virus, my computer repair guy has confirmed that. So it could be a hardware problem, we will see. Still running diagnostics and adding Ram and hopefully it will be well again soon.

Loki is now 13 months old. We bought him the biggest bone we could find to celebrate his 1st birthday. It was twice the size of him! At first he just drug it around the floor by one knuckle end. Then in true Loki style he picked the bone up in the middle and staggered around like a drunken Sparrow before crashing into the door frame. That was the end of that. LOL

Beading Tip

Always choose the best findings you can afford for your jewelry project. Sometimes the findings you use can make the difference between a piece of jewelry selling or not. I have a favorite bracelet made by a friend of mine. It was the pretty clasp that first caught my eye and said "buy me."

Places to Sell Online

1. Artfire.com It's free to list and free to sell. Small monthly fee for Verified Artisans. Basic account is free. A fast growing community of Artisans. Check it out here:-


2. Ebay.com Auction site. You have to pay to list and eBay keeps a % of the sale. No monthly fee. Check out here:-


3. Etsy.com. Etsy is a thriving community of artisans specializing in handmade items. There are listing fees and a 3.5% Sales Fee. Check it out here.

Places to Visit Online

Suzanne Cooper - Make sure you sign up for her newsletter. Lots of patterns and links here, plus her awesome beadwork. www.suzannecooper.com

Kalmbach Books
- All the crafting and beading books/magazines you might need. www.kalmbach.com

Lima Beads - Home of the Big Green Bead Machine. CRAZY DEALS on gemstone beads, pearls, metal, and CZ! Save 15% on bead purchases before 10/31/09. Enter code SHAREIT at checkout. Visit Lima Beads.

Until next time, be good, and if you can't be good be careful!

aka Lesley

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