Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day!


Its a beautiful day in Livingston, Montana. The snow-capped mountains bold against a big blue sky, and Prairie Dogs playing tag with Crows across the street. Spring at last, better late than never.

The only thing missing right now is customers. Gas is currently $2.45 and I'm praying it stays that way for the summer. Last year's $4.00 + per gallon just about killed the tourist trade in Livingston and surrounding areas, which is what this small town relies upon. We know it won't be a barn burner year, but let's hope we all get through it.

I have been adding more handmade items in my Artfire store ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade and working on our Trading Post website trying to get a bunch of stuff up. You can see my progress at Indian Nations Trading Post/livingstonindex.html.

As for beading, I have been busy hand beading strips for my buckskin bags. It turns out the bags are very popular and all of the ones I have made so far have been sold before I could take pictures of them. I'm not complaining though! I have more bags in the making and will hopefully have some more finished soon. I have also been beading rosettes both large and small for other projects I have underway.

Today's Beading Tip

Keep all of your odd beads, bits of chain, broken earrings,old buttons etc. and when you have enough, make a one-of-a-kind 3 strand Treasure Necklace loaded with color. Make it BIG! This is a fantastic way to use up all your odds and ends.

What Will You Do?

Here's something very important that I came across the other day. Think about what would happen to your family should all of a sudden there be no food? What would you do? How would you survive? This website will help you to be prepared. Click the banner to visit the website. Pass the link to your friends.

Until next time, be good to yourself.

aka Lesley

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