Friday, February 12, 2010

Sock it to the Sock Monster

Hey there,

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those orphan socks that the Sock Monster leaves behind? Well here's a few ideas for you to ponder.

In cold weather I am always complaining about the cold whipping up my coat sleeves. But recently I found a cure for the problem. Old cotton socks! Long socks work best. Cut the feet off the socks and put the feet aside for another use. Sew the raw edge of the socks to prevent them from fraying. Wear the stetchy tube on your wrists under the sleeve of your coat or jacket and voila! These homemade wristwarmers are perfect for crafters too!

Use the feet of the socks as dusters or polishing rags.

Here's some more uses for odd socks. 
1. Use childrens socks to wrap delicate Christmas ornaments before storing or any other small delicate items before packing in your suitcase or moving boxes.
2. Use clean large socks over your shoes before packing them in your suitcase. This will help protect your shoes, but will also protect your clothes from dirt or polish.
I am sure you guys can think of lots more uses. Leave your ideas as comments on this post and the one I like best will get a $10 gift voucher to spend in my Artfire store. Contest ends February 28th at midnight and the winner will be published here on March 1st, 2010. The winner will be notified by email so make sure you leave a way for me to contact you.

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Happy Valentine's day!

Take care all!
aka Lesley

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  1. I use old socks as gloves when I clean up after my dog in the yard, about once a week. Since there are multiple droppings, I can't use individual plastic bags, and just throw the old sock in the trash bag I use for the droppings.

  2. Oh my! They are orphans? I've always thought they are the children of the paired socks! Learning something new every day WOW. Great tips too, never thought of using the socks as shoe bags, AWESOME!
    Uses... I usually keep the extra socks in case a brother or sister comes along, but I do reuse the old socks that can't be worn anymore :) Sometimes I unravel the really nice ones and make new socks out of them and the really thick cushy bands are reused for my wrists when I exercise :) I'm sure there are socks in other areas of my life, but can't think of more right now :)
    Thank you for a great blog post! Looking forward to more ideas! <3

  3. you've got some great ideas there for using those socks. They do have a way of escaping somewhere. I think the sock monkeys come and get them for repairs. would love to see what others have for ideas, other than making a catnip toy out of them, I might try my hand at a sock monkey someday. thanks for the link too, didn't know it was here...woohoo. you ROCK

  4. I used a whole lot of old socks when we changed out a bunch of light bulbs. I put each in an old sock, in the cuff part, for protection and so I knew where they came from.

  5. So, I've been thinking of some ideas ~ which has actually been a fun exercise. These are some I have so far (and I'll probably have more later:) )

    Sock Puppets!

    Decorate for X-Mas and hang for stockings

    Pen, pencil, scissor, etc. case

    Fill with pennies and carry for self defense