Friday, April 2, 2010


My friend Mike has just published his book, Fawneat. It is a futuristic adventure through 3 dimensional space and well worth a read. I personally think it would make a terrific movie. Here's a little insight into the book.

Travel (guided by 24 Illustrations) to the far-distant planet Fawneat with a determined crew of ten genetically engineered soldiers on a desperate mission to find out what is happening to the rapidly disappearing population. The vanishing groups of colonists and miners on the vast world aren't dying of old age, and they're not leaving the planet, but they are taking every nut, bolt, and slab of concrete with them when they go! The greedy owners may have waited too long to save the inhabitants of far-a-way Fawneat, as on the first day Lieutenant Kayle's elite troops meet an Ancient Predator with a very up-to-date machine. Immediately stripped of their modern weaponry, with any further help years away, the soldiers are pushed to the limits of even their powerful, genetically altered beings. Only by defeating the Ancient Predators on their own terms will the soldiers, and the colonists that they begin to care for intimately, have any chance of existing at all!

Click the cover in the box link to get your copy. :))

Have fun!


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