Sunday, August 15, 2010

Handmade, Unique, and Unusual Gifts for the Holidays

Hey y'all,

I was sitting here thinking about making Christmas cards for the holidays, both to send to my folks and to sell on, when it hit me, why not make all my gifts handmade gifts this year, and if not handmade by myself, will be handmade gifts purchased at

But why is an eclectic site, they have so many unique and talented artisans creating in a vast number of different crafting styles, that there is something for everyone, no matter what your taste in handmade gifts. Choose from Knitted, crocheted, jewelry of all jewelry genres, quilted, felted, polymer clay, pottery, beaded, paper crafts, home decor, lamps, fountains, clothing, fine art, wood and leather work, your choice of handmade gifts is unlimited. While there you can also buy holiday ornaments, decorations, bows, gift bags, ribbon, the list is endless.

One of the main advantages of buying handmade gifts at, is that you are buying directly from the artisan who made the item. You are buying with the knowledge that the person who made the item will be the one to benefit directly from your purchase. keeps not one penny from the sale unlike other online venues. In these hard times, it is important to support the individual artisans. Their only paycheck comes from selling their handmade gifts and crafts and they work hard to fill their studios with unique items made especially for you, their customers.

I will be buying all my Christmas Gifts at this year, I hope you will too!

Let's be crafty out there! Buy Handmade Gifts at!
Indian Nations Trading Post at

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