Monday, November 8, 2010

Save Time. Save Stress. Shop Online!

I hate shopping in stores. I get stepped on, poked, pushed around, elbowed, and gouged by strollers. Not to mention kids running into me at full pelt, and getting jammed in and carried in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go! I can never find what I really want and end up coming home feeling like a bunch of tangled fairy lights, with bruised toes, and begging my husband for a nice hot cup of tea. Well not this year! Good bye Wal-Mart and all those other stores packed full of made in China stuff, I am shopping online!

But where to start? What do I search on? What am I really looking for? Made in USA...check. Handmade...double check. Unique handmade gifts for all the family...YES! Where can I find handcrafted gifts for my dog? I'll tell you At you can find a handmade unique gift for just about anyone and the beauty of it is you are buying direct from the person who made it. How neat is that? Share your dollars with talented people and quit buying stuff made in China!

Men are always so hard to shop for. Not so at You can find some really unique handmade gifts for men at Don't give them boring socks or underwear this year, find something unique and handcrafted and watch their face on Christmas morning.

At there are many specials running, BOGO, free shipping, sales, and coupons. So save your toes and your sanity this year, shop online and have your gifts delivered to your door. You're worth it.

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  1. I plan to do most of my shopping handmade this year, either at Artfire or Folksy. I usually do most of my Christmas shopping when I'm in the USA with my daughter and family but this year we didn't do much shopping, and I do like the idea of supporting my fellow artisans.

  2. I agree! I hate going to stores! Your work is lovely and makes great gifts!