Sunday, September 19, 2010

ArtFire Debuts Amazing $5.95 Group Deal for Members

     Just in time for the upcoming holiday season, ArtFire is emerging from beta testing! What does that mean? Early next week the site will be getting an updated look and interface, and 50,000 people will be getting the chance to get in on a huge group coupon promotion. Normally the monthly rate for a Pro account on ArtFire is $15.95/month, but for a minimum of 20,000 people this rate will be cut by more than half!
     As a part of the exit from beta, ArtFire is lowering the Pro account rate to just $5.95/month. This rate can only be locked in if 20,000+ people participate (the promotional rate is only activated after a total of 20,000 users accept the offer). It doesn’t matter if you are new to ArtFire or already have a Pro account; everyone is eligible to get the discounted group rate as long as they are a member of ArtFire. Right now this offer is only available for ArtFire members (both Basic and Pro). If the offer reaches 50,000 internally on ArtFire before Monday the 20th of September, the deal will not be offered outside of the ArtFire community. As always with ArtFire, there are no hidden fees and no surprise charges. If the group deal goes through you will have a Pro account at $5.95 a month for as long as you maintain an active subscription with ArtFire.
     So what does upgrading to a Pro account get you? In the words of one satisfied seller: “ArtFire gives me the tools I need to succeed in an e-commerce environment. Personalizing my studio, rearranging my items, and editing them all in a few clicks with ArtFire's Global Editor, make listing and selling on ArtFire quick and easy. The ability to personalize my studio is invaluable. My customers know me through my Artisan Bio and Blog… ArtFire cares that I succeed and their team works to help me succeed. Through their forums, guilds, artifacts, and Maven organization, I feel part of a serious artisan community sharing the same goal.”

     The tools and features that you get with a Pro account are unique to ArtFire. The Facebook Kiosk is a virtual shopping application that allows Pro members to sell their items directly from a Facebook fan page or profile. The Global Product Editor lets members make changes to multiple items at once, and with the Etsy importer you can (you guessed it!) easily import your Etsy shop to ArtFire. These are just a few of the great resources offered to Pro members.
     If you already have an account on ArtFire, you can log in and sign up to be a part of the group coupon here. If you do not have an account with ArtFire, you can join by getting a free basic account here and then join the group coupon. If you’re a new member, be sure to check out the help guides and the forums to learn about the best ways to utilize all the tools ArtFire provides.
If you have any questions, you will probably find the answer here in the Chatterbox forum post.

I have signed up two stores for the new deal, have you signed up yet? Artfire is the only place for me and I know you'll love it too.

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